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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 1, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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was their quote. jenna: it was really a quote, not something we're just trying to be cute with, okay? prices are likely to go up for bacon and other pork products as much as 10%, so if you want to freeze bacon -- gregg: do it now. we've done a story about spiders and now pigs. e.b. white would be proud. move might have is next. megyn: fox news alert on some numbers from the campaign trail that illustrate how much could be at stake when president obama and governor romney go head to head a little more than 48 hours from right now. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. a new survey of likely voters finds that almost one in five say that they can still be swayed to vote for either candidate here. and some of those wavering voters say they are waiting for these debates to help them decide. the headline here according to bloomberg, about 18% of the electorate is, quote, persuadable, and that is a big number considering that early
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voting has already begun. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on so the campaigns have got to see that, in particular the romney camp, as good news, chris, since he is shown as trail anything a lot of these swing state polls as well. >> well, certainly it's not good news if you're president obama. if that's true, if you really have 18% persuadable voters, this comes after fife months -- five months of the most stained, negative attack, most personal barrage against a candidate by an incumbent president that we've ever seen. if there's still 18% of the people that say, well, you know, i'm hope to this guy, i'm open to hear what he has to say, that would include some romney voters who might be open to the president, but when you'd have an incumbent,ou'd expect that much persuade about would be good news for the challenger, that the president hasn't been able to convince all the
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persuadable voters that mitt romney is, in fact, a vampire. megyn: now, we saw during the republican presidential primary that these debates really can have an effect. candidates really were forced to leave the race based on their debate performances occasionally during that republican primary, so it's no accident that we have both sides trying to lower expectations for their candidate, including most recently the president over the weekend saying this: >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers -- >> you are. >> i don't know about that, you know? who's going to put the most points on the board. >> you are! >> i -- no, no, governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. megyn: the crowd wasn't getting what the president was trying to do there. [laughter] >> well, he wasn't exactly closing the deal. he didn't sound like he was too convinced of his just okayness,
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and certainly there's a playing this part, there's going out and saying, oh, i don't know how well we'll do, but i would say that democrats certainly are expecting that the president will do with mitt romney what, in fact, he did with john mccain which is that as the two of them stand on stage together, the president figures that he's going to look cool, calm and collected and that he can rattle or fluster mitt romney. megyn: well, we saw some moments with mitt romney during the republican primary, and i'm going to jump a little out of order for the control room, but there was one, this one debate in which he actually laid hands on rick perry, and they went back and forth. here's a small clip. >> i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life. i'm looking forward to finding your facts on that -- >> i'll tell you what the facts were -- >> rick, i'm speaking. i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> it's time for you -- >> you get 30 seconds. >> the way the rules work here
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is i get 60 seconds -- >> the american people want the truth. megyn: and moments after that he talked about how he denied intentionally hiring illegal immigrants to work on his property saying at the time he told the contractor i'm running for office, for pete's sake, and a lot of the republicans said that was the reason? so, you know, he's made some mistakes. >> don't do that. that's the, that's the simple lesson for mitt romney out of that, don't do that. don't work the clock, don't complain about the rules, don't get flustery, certainly do not touch anyone else -- megyn: no touching. [laughter] >> no touching, there is no touching. [laughter] but for mitt romney he's got to look cool, he's got to look composed, he's got to look presidential. in that debate he was trying to get a rise out of perry, and perry had stumbled after a strong start, and he was trying to get perry a little unwound. the whole thing for romney is this, he has to answer the questions he wants to answer. he can't be responding and rebutting president obama's charges, he can't be worried
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about defending himself by saying blow the whistle, ref, blow the whistle. he has to say exactly what it is he wants to say regardless of what the president says or what jim lehrer says. megyn: sometimes with these presidential candidates, and it happens for a lot of republicans, they get themselves in trouble. it's not even the moderator, and we saw that with mitt romney, too, chris, when he made his now-infamous remark about the bet he wanted to have with governor perry. again, watch. >> i'm just saying, you were for individual mandates, my friend. >> you know what? you've raised that before, rick, and you're -- >> it was true then. >> no, no. [laughter] >> it's true now. >> rick, i'll tell you what -- [laughter] $10,000? [applause] $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business, but -- >> oh, okay. >> and folks thought that made him look out of touch. everybody knows mitt romney's a rich guy, but they can be their own worst enemies. >> absolutely. debates aren't going to be super
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consequential barring one of two things; a massive gaffe or a total out of the park line. those are the only two things that are going to make the debate worthwhile, especially with these two guys who are both cautious campaigners and like to filibuster their way through answers with lots of word salad they throw out there. mitt romney has to be worried about getting overeager or getting, again, flustered, making an unforced error like that. megyn: it's interesting because the president wants everybody to believe that mitt romney is so smooth and so great, we've seen there he's had gaffes, and the president has had gaffes, and we don't know which version of the candidates will show up on wednesday night, but the last thing i want to ask you about is as we watch together, because we went to those debates together and talked about them after every one, romney improved. he definitely improved by the end. we went through more than 20 of them. and by that critical debate he had in, i think it was florida, where he needed to take out gingrich, he got much more
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aggressive, and he succeeded in helping redefine the republican primary. here's a sample of romney at what many thereafter said was his best performance. >> mr. speaker, i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country. the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. don't use a term like that. megyn: is that the guy we're likely to see show up this week? because that, of course, was with the great debate coach who then got let go by the romney camp. >> we'll see. i still think you don't want to be responding, you want to be laying out your views, and you want to be prosecuting the president. he needs to go in there with the mind of a tough-minded district attorney who's trying to prosecute the guy who he wants to be on trial, not defending himself. megyn: the two harvard law school graduates, romney also was a harvard mba, will square off and try to tell americans that they're very relatable. [laughter] we'll look forward to that. all right, chris, thank you. >> thank you.
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megyn: well, these debates, i mean, they're great theater for the american public, and they really do help a lot of americans decide whether it's just a visceral reaction or i like that guy better, they help americans decide. and a lot of the times it's the gaffes that turn people against the candidates. these campaigns, they're searching for the one defining moment, but of course they're also hoping it won't be an awkward one that sinks their campaign. recall 1992 when president george h.w. bush checks his watch during a debate with then-candidate bill clinton. the gesture gave voters the impression that he was impatient and uninterested. during the 2000 presidential debates, al gore got up in governor george w. bush's grill. look. [laughter] just a classic moment where he was invading his personal space a little, and, boy, did he take some flak. mr. bush gave him a nod and kept talking. in one of the more unusual moments during the vice presidential debates in '92 between republican dan quayle,
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democrat al gore and the third party running mate of ross perot who was admiral james stockdale, there was this moment. >> admiral stockdale, your opening statement, please, sir. >> who am i? [laughter] why am i here? [laughter] [applause] megyn: he was totally charming and likable but also got a lot of criticism for his performance in that debate, and, you know, his family later came out and said they thought it was unfortunate because they thought it changed his legacy, and he was a very honorable man. in any event, we are all watching wednesday night. they say this is going to be the most important debate because it happens earliest in the season, and early voting's already underway. i will be there in denver, colorado, hosting our coverage along with our own bret baier, our coverage of the very first presidential debate begins at 8:55 p.m. eastern time, again, it's this wednesday, october 3rd. another fox news alert as we
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get new information on the investigation into the four americans murdered on 9/11 at our consulate in libya. fox news has learned nearly three weeks after the ambush fbi agents leading the investigation have yet to step foot in benghazi. we told you that was the case on friday, it remains the case today. they have not even secured the crime scene, we're told. that has got the mother of former navy seal tyrone woods speaking out. she is demanding faster action against those who murdered her son. trace gallagher is live with an update. trace? >> reporter: and i think it's important to note, megyn, that the mother of tyrone woods does not appear to be a critic of the administration. in fact, during that very emotional ceremony where her son's remainswere brought back to the united states she said, and i'm quoting, that the president, the vice president and the secretary of state were wonderful, that they consoled her and that they were genuinely sad for her loss. but the mom is baffled as to why the fbi is not on scene
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investigating. on her facebook post last week she wrote, and i'm quoting: don't want to ever politicize the loss of my son in libya, but it has been 16 days, and the fbi has yet to get to benghazi to begin their investigation. meanwhile, the diplomatic outpost where tyrone and glenn doherty -- the other navy seal -- died is not and was not secured. acceptably -- absolutely unacceptable. the fbi clearly believes it is not safe to send agents into benghazi. american journalists have been at the crime scenes for weeks saying that they are unsecure and picked over. remember, cnn found ambassador chris stevens' journal on the floor of the consulate. former navy seal mike ritlin was on "america's newsroom" earlier, and he agrees with tyrone woods' mom. listen. >> when something of this magnitude happens, rule number one is you have to secure the crime scene. you know, the longer period of
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time that transpires between when it happens and when you start your investigation, the less actionable the intelligence that you get and the information that you gather from the scene is. >> reporter: on top of that, tennessee senator bob corker is now sending a letter to the director of national intelligence. he wants answers saying, and i'm quoting here: what has changed in libya in such a short time that even fbi agents, our most elite investigative personnel, cannot safely enter the city? what has led to such a precipitous decline? twenty days the fbi is in libya, the fbi, megyn, is not in benghazi. megyn: trace, thank you. well, the president's team fielding tough new questions over the weekend about whether president obama should have chosen to campaign the day we learned -- we, the american people -- learned that terrorists add attacked and killed four americans including our ambassador and our consulate in libya. >> was it ip appropriate for him
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to go to a fundraiser the day after this attack? now in retrospect knowing that it was a terrorist attack, inappropriate for him to engage in politics as usual? megyn: we will debate the answer from chief adviser david plouffe ahead, fair and can balanced. then, growing outrage over a suggestion to use your federal money to bail out states in trouble. there are [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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megyn: we are getting word from afghan officials that a homicide attack has killed three u.s. troops along with their afghan interpreter. the bomber targeted their patrol with a motorcycle packed with explosives as they arrived at a market in the capital. nearly a dozen afghan civilians and police officers also died in that attack. the taliban claimed responsibility for the blast which came a day after the u.s. death toll in the war in afghanistan reached 2,000 service members. well, there is growing controversy today over a trial
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balloon first floated months ago by illinois governor pat quinn. early last year mr. quinn floated the idea that the federal government could bail out, that is the federal government, you, could bail out his state's pension program if illinois' finances took a turn for the worse. critics are pouncing saying states cannot give away big benefit packages and then expect the federal taxpayer to come to the rescue. "the chicago tribune" says the stampede of other states with pension red ink could lead to a federal taxpayer bill of over $2 trillion. that's with a t, and let me tell you, folks, that's just one estimate. others put it between 1 trillion and 25 trillion that we could potentially get to. lou dobbs is host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network, he's also a syndicated radio host. so governor quinn in illinois can't figure out how to get himself out of these pensions
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that they've overpromised and feel like they're going to have to underdeliver on, and he's considering making the rest of us pay for them? [laughter] >> he's considering, he's hoping, he's begging, he's wishing. the fact of the matter is governor quinn and the rest of the state of illinois official officialdom right now understand there is only one way out of this. this is bankruptcy for the entire state, the city of chicago or a bailout from the federal government, and senator demint making it very clear that it's not going to happen. here's the deal. 71 cents -- think about this, megyn -- 71 cents out of every dollar spent on education in the state of illinois is spent for retirement and health care for teachers. 71 cents. megyn: that's incredible. >> this is a state that is corrupt, it is a state with officialdom that is utterly dysfunctional and incompetent, and you just saw one of the greatest nonsense acts, pure
1:19 pm
political theater in chicago, mayor rahm emanuel and the teachers' union coming to a deal which resulted in a 16.5% pay raise while only 15% of their students are proficient if reading, more than half are not even capable of basic reading skills. meg "the wall street journal" wrote sooner or later we knew it would come to this since t democrats can't bring give and they give to the unions, and eventually the bill comes due. but the question is whether any federal politician would have the gall to put the taxpayers of the nation, the federal taxpayers on the hook for those deals struck in those rooms in chicago. >> well, obviously, there's one by the name of president barack obama who's doing precisely that, supporting bond programs, a third of the debt in california over the past four years supported by federal be dollars. if you look at the distribution, and this president loves wealth
1:20 pm
redistribution, but if you look at the distribution of grants to states where they have unions, where they have officialdom that is all democratic, you're watching a great big money wheel turn. and that's precisely what quinn is asking for here. it's what rahm emanuel is expecting. it's the american federation of teachers, the national education association, it's, it is one huge money waste. megyn: the problem is we talked about in the intro, if you have one state we help, where does it stop? the governor of illinois came out and said, oh, first of all, that was just a precautionary plan and second of all, that was just a drafting error. >> yeah. megyn: because there was such pushback. are we to believe him that this is not something he's going to come to washington hat in hand asking for, and you tell me whether i know demint, a republican, doesn't want to give it to him, but right now we have divided government. we have the republicans in control of the house, the
1:21 pm
democrats of the senate and a democrat in the white house, if we have singular government, you know, are we more likely to grant states -- >> i will guarantee you this, if president obama's reelected, if the democrats maintain control of the senate and take control of the house, it is an iron lock guarantee -- i'm saying it right now -- that you will see the federal government pony up for every one of these bankrupt, absolutely irresponsible, dysfunctional state governments -- megyn: wouldn't that be political suicide? >> wait a minute, who's losing their job because we've got $16 trillion in debt? there's no accountability here. this is a big candy rock mountain we call america. there are no consequences to ignorant, stupid decision making by public officials. we are not exacting accountability at the polls for really horrible, destructive public policy decisions and policies. megyn: lou dobbs, thank you, sir. >> will great to be with you. megyn: well, we have a south of
1:22 pm
the border bombshell today from the fast and furious gun-running scandal. up next, the results of a long-term investigation into what happened with those guns after today landed in the hands of the cartels. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: bombshell investigation now uncovering some horrifying details regarding weapons linked to operation fast and furious. according to a report dug up by univision, one of the largest spanish-language media outlets here in the united states, at least 57 guns previously unaccounted for by the justice department turned up at several gruesome crime scenes in mexico dating all the way back to 2009, including a horrifying shooting at a teenager's birthday party. keep in mind, this is a
1:26 pm
president program that our government put into place in which we allowed guns to walk into mexico, and now we know i how several of those were used. -- we know how several of those were used. william la jeunesse has more. >> reporter: univision was able to put a human face on the political scandal we know as fast and furious. while the mexican government has soft pedaled its criticism of the obama administration, the public there has not. as this documentary showed cartel hitmen using weapons supplied by the u.s. to gun down innocent victims. a home covered in blood after gang members kill 16, many teenagers, at a birthday party in juarez, mexico. guns used in the massacre traced to the u.s. operation fast and furious. >> they are waiting for an answer. they want to know what happened and why they didn't stop these guns from leaving the united states and ending up in this, in
1:27 pm
these crimes. >> reporter: spanish-language network univision and fox news obtained a list of 100,000 weapons recovered in mexico and compared those serial numbers with the 2,000 guns sold in fast and furious. nearly two dozen matched, connecting an untold number of injuries and fatalities to the u.s. program. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: this woman lost two sons to fast and furious guns. >> they feel helpless. they don't know what to do, and we interviewed one of them, and they said, who's going to pay for this? >> reporter: it could be the u.s. government. >> the people can go and sue in the united states with the support of american lawyers, and that will be a very interesting development certainly. >> reporter: for its part, the mexican government has remained largely silent, unwilling to criticize its northern leader. >> our political elite is only worried about obtaining the next
1:28 pm
position, and the benefits they obtain from being in politics. >> reporter: of about 2,000 fast and furious weapons, about 800 have been recovered leaving 1200 still in the hands of the cartels on the battlefield we know as mexico, megyn. watching what you realize is the success of fast and furious dependinged on the gun -- depended on the guns in mexico being used to kill people. they have and they will in the future. megyn: thank you. the obama administration faced questions about whether it was appropriate for president obama to campaign the day after he found out that terrorists had just killed our ambassador in libya. plus, we're hearing some eye-opening abcs of murder for hire as a teacher is secretly tape recorded allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill a former coworker. wait until you hear what the dispute was over, and we'll talk about the questions about this recording and whether it could
1:29 pm
make or break this case.
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resignation. congressional critics are angry that ms. rice was talking to the media some four days after a terror attack killed four americans in libya and telling reporters across this nation that it was a spontaneous protest that was behind the attack when fox news and now other news outlets have reported that the white house knew within 24 hours that this was a terror attack and not some spontaneous event. the administration is maintaining that they gave us the information as it evolved and as it came to be known by them. there is, at a minimum, some question about that. the white house is also facing tough new questions about the president's decision to attend a campaign event in vegas within 24 hours of the attack. white house senior adviser david plouffe -- keep in mind, this is the first time they've put the senior advisers out there since all this happened -- but they were on the sunday shows this weekend, and mr. plouffe was challenged outright by "meet the press" anchor david gregory.
1:34 pm
here's part of the exchange. >> was it inappropriate for him to go to a fund raiser the day after this attack, now in retrospect knowing that it was a terrorist attack, inappropriate for him to engage in politics as usual? >> no. the president is, obviously, 24/7 engaged in the job of the presidency. he spent an enormous amount of time in these weeks, by the way, in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, so absolutely not. a president is on call 24/7, and that just comes with the job. >> apparently not during u.n. meetings. as "the new york post" highlighted here, the question about whether there was a snub not meeting with the israeli leader, the president's ott on "the view," disses u.n. leaders to gab with the gals of "the view," that was the headline in the new york post with their own point of view there. but is this, is he not performing all the critical role of the presidency particularly with a foreign policy crisis, with so many questions about management in the middle east when you have a key united nations gathering, not to meet with world leaders, including
1:35 pm
netanyahu at a time with so much concern over iran? >> this president has been, obviously, in constant contact throughout these four years with world leaders. megyn: joining me now, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president bush, and dick harpootlian, chairman of the south carolina democratic party. welcome back. now we see some of the senior advisers and some tough questioning put to them, in particular about a subject we've talked about on this show, and that is whether it was appropriate for the commander in chief, you know, within 24 hours of this assassination, first time since '79 a u.s. ambassador was assassinated plus three other americans, to go out to vegas on a campaign event, brad? >> well, look, this is not in keeping with their narrative, megyn, that usama's dead, and gm is alive and well. usama's dead, but al-qaeda's alive and well and killing an american ambassador, three others and destroying property. the fact that this president would have the audacity to put
1:36 pm
his political ambitions above the health, safety and welfare of the people he was sworn to protect is an outrage. i agree with david gregory to take it to plouffe and make him answer these tough questions. this president shirked his responsibility. he went to a fundraiser when he should have been back at the white house because this was not an isolated incident. in fact, i believe he added fuel to the fire by giving credence to the youtube video for further violence against america spread throughout not only the middle east, but the world. the middle east is melting down, and the president finds time to go campaigning? it really is shameful. megyn: dick, mitt romney took so much flak for making a comment about the initial reaction of our embassy in the wake of our attacks which was apologizing for hurting the religious feelings of muslims even though, i mean, they were condemning that. that was a position that the administration ultimately sided with mitt romney on. but do you think that there was a double standard in the media coverage of, you know, mitt
1:37 pm
romney's attempts as the administration claimed to politicize this event and the president choosing politics, you know, truly before the bodies had even returned home? >> well, i don't think the president attempted to politicize what happened in libya, and i think mitt romney did, and i think that's abhorrent. and, brad, you seem to imply that president obama's like some sort of agent of evil here. i mean, let's face facts -- >> no, he's just incompetent. i don't think he's evil. >> whoa. usama bin laden is dead, 24 of the top 26 al-qaeda operatives are dead, and this is a mop-up operation, and they're like cockroaches, you never know -- >> it's just a bump in the road, according to the president. >> well, it is a bump in the road, and it's not -- what's important here is that five weeks before an election you see, you see republican senators and congressmen on tv -- and you -- railing against the president. this is a process that's taken over three years to get to the
1:38 pm
point where if you talk to the folks in afghanistan, al-qaeda is ineffective there, and they're moving places, and we're going after them -- megyn: well, unfortunately, it looks like they weren't that ineffective in libya. but the question here, dick, is whether you think, you know, listen, you're a party guy x you're a politically -- and you're a politically savvy guy. was it a smart move for president obama to go to vegas? with all due respect to our friends out there, at that point in time to campaign? >> i think that he can't stop, you know, go into a hole and stop the campaign and stop all the other things he has to do as president we had this horrible -- because we had this horrible tragedy. he's not on the ground in-in ya. we have people who are on the ground in libya. he is in total communication with all those people wherever he is. so the idea that somehow he ought to stop life and stop -- i think it'd be a worse message to send to the al-qaedas of the world that this president's going to stop what he's doing
1:39 pm
because of what they did. it's important to show that life goes on. >> do you know what's funny, dick? you love beating up on george bush, it's one of your favorite pastimes -- >> it's easy. >> and in all good conscious, you can't say if he went occupant and campaigned you would say, of course, it's perfectly permissible for him to campaign after a terrorist attack that kills our ambassador and three others. you would have thought that was a good thing to do? you wouldn't think it was a good thing to do, because it's not. and you can't say as a political person and as an american your president should have been out campaigning within 24 hours of one of the largest terrorist attacks to americans and our policies and what we stand for since 9/11/01. >> no -- megyn: i want to pick up on a point you gentleman debated. the second point that mr. plouffe and mr. gregory were debated, well, if it's true the president can walk and chew gum at the same time, then why couldn't he do that the weak netanyahu wanted to meet with him?
1:40 pm
because the white house was saying the president was too busy. >> i think it's important to understand, and brad needs to understand this, there are terrorist attacks every day against americans in afghanistan, and this president understands it's simply because be they're a sergeant or a corporal and they're a private, their death is no less important than an ambassador's death in libya. and, brad, he can't stop what he's doing to mourn or deal with each one of those events. he has been aggressive, and he's going to be even more aggressive in bringing -- they say to justice, i say putting them in hell -- every one of these terrorists. that's number one. netanyahu, by the way, is paying a former bain associate with romney's, playing politics. romney's attempted to politicize every foreign issue we have right now which is wrong, wrong, wrong and un-american five weeks before an election. megyn: gotta run. quick final word, brad.
1:41 pm
>> the president comes to the u.n. ga with hundreds of world leaders, he doesn't have time to meet with not one world leader when the president's foreign policy is the basis upon his constitutional responsibilities. and yet he completely shirks that responsibility at a time of trouble throughout the world. it's really unconscionable, and this president will have a lot to answer for in the coming weeks and especially that last foreign policy debate. megyn: mr. plouffe saying the president, obviously, is 24/7 engaged in the job of the presidency. guys, thank you. >> thank you. megyn: breaking news on maas i have layoff -- massive layoffs on the defense industry and how the notices were supposed to go out right before the election. not now. plus, with just five weeks until the votes are counted and the head of the military voter participation project says military voting looks like it will be way behind where it should be, and the numbers are staggering. he will join us live next on what and who he thinks is to
1:42 pm
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megyn: well, we'd like to peat the guys who made this catch. a team of hunters snagging what we think is one of the biggest alligators ever caught. holy cow! wow. mississippi's department of wildlife fisheries and parks confirms the monster gator weighs in many at just over 697 pounds, it measures over 13 feet long. that beats the previous mississippi record for a male gator by seven pounds. the guys say they did it using a pair of rod and reel hooks and won a tug of war battle with the gator lasting more than an hour and a half. wow, that's courage. well, new concerns today over the number of soldiers voting overseas. the u.s. military sees a huge
1:46 pm
drop in absentee ballot requests this election season by service members ahead of this november election. in virginia alone, there's been a 92% drop in such requests. why? it's happening despite the implementation of a 2009 voting law which was supposed to help military voters get their absentee ballots overseas. eric eber sol is the founder of the military voter protection project. he is not happy. eric, why? why is it so low? 92% drop in virginia, a heavily military state? >> yeah. it's, you know, it's really shocking, but most of the fingers point straight to the pentagon. the new law that was passed in 2009 was supposed to help make it easier for our service members to register and request an absentee ballot. the inspector general issued a report, of course, about three weeksing that indicated that the pentagon did not implement that law or did not fully implement that law as they were supposed to, and now what we're seeing
1:47 pm
not only in virginia, but throughout the united states are shockingly low numbers of ballots being requested by military members and their spouses. megyn: so the would-be ballots are not getting to the guys and gals overseas. they're supposed to be setting up these offices overseas in afghanistan where the guys and gals can go get their ballots? >> absolutely. this was supposed to be much like what civilians receive in a driver's license bran. you walk in, and one of the first questions they ask you, would you like to update your voter registration form? when congress passed this law in 2009, they wanted the department of defense to do the exact same thing for service members when they check into a new duty station. why not give them one extra form so they can update their voter registration informs? megyn: it's not like, you know, it's the pentagon. that's where these guys work, basically. why wouldn't they be taking care of our men and women in uniform? >> well, you know, that's a good
1:48 pm
question, and i think there's plenty of time after the election to figure out what exactly went wrong. i personally believe that part of it is just simply bureaucratic inshah. you know -- inertia. let's face it, the pentagon does a lot of things really well this keeping us safe, but sometimes on some of the social issues it really just doesn't have the motivation that it has with other issues, and part of that's simply because they're focused on keeping america safe. i get that. but we're talking about a right that our service members are defending. we really have to get out there and make sure those who are on the front lines of defending freedom ought to be able to participate -- megyn: well, it's not going to happen now. it's too late. five weeks before, isn't their vote done? thai not going to -- they're not going to get to vote. >> absolutely not. we've set up a went site called heroes where a service member can go in, very quickly register and request an absentee ballot. it takes maybe five minutes. they can get it sent in, and they'll have their ballot in
1:49 pm
7-10 days. they can send ballots via e-mail. it's not too late, but we need them to visit heroes so we can fix this mess as best we can. megyn: you know, they were supposed to make it easy because their number one concern is not getting their absentee ballot. they're worried about staying alive, getting back to their families and so on. so we're supposed to be facilitating in this process for them. i don't want to weigh people's votes, but if there were a hierarchy, you'd think the men and women fighting for us would have the utmost importance in terms of who they want for this presidential election. but the pentagon is saying it doesn't, it doesn't have the resources, that congress passed this law, but they didn't give them the funding to set up all the troops need so that they can facilitate the ballots being passed out, eric. >> are well, you know, look, i don't buy that at all. they received an appropriations $75 million in fy-'11 and fy-'12. $75 million. to say you don't have the resources to make sure our
1:50 pm
service members can't receive their absentee ballot and participate in this election, i just don't buy it. and, you know, the time for excuses are past. we can talk about excuses after the election, but now we need to make military voting the highest priority. we need to make sure that every single one of our service members get that opportunity to register and request an absentee ballot, and we need to do it now before the deadlines come upon us. megyn: yeah. it is, the survey showed that these voters tend to favor the republican presidential candidate, and in this election the survey said they favored romney 58% to obama 34. they tend to lean right, these military voters, but they don't all vote. and you say in this year is the worst it has been in terms of the voting assistance being provided which is really too bad. eric, thank you. >> thank you. megyn: well, a top house republican now putting a hold on $450 million of money meant for the people of egypt, this after our embassy came in -- under
1:51 pm
attack in cairo. what, if anything, egypt can do to repair its standing with the united states and whether we're really likely to withhold that aid. last week we introduced you to in the young woman, she was voted to her homecoming court and then found out it was a prank. in three minutes, what happened when she showed up at school this past friday night. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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1:54 pm
megyn: an update, now, to a story we told you about last week. 16-year-old whitney crop of michigan was nominated to her high school's homecoming court as a prank, a joke. and now the folks in her community are having their say on the little joke. they, along with folks from the surrounding towns, all showing up to the big game this weekend not to cheer on the teams, but to cheer on young whitney. trace gallagher has the update.
1:55 pm
trace? >> reporter: and it really is the tenacity you want your daughter to have, megyn, because this is taking lemons and making lemonade. whitney crop shined. she showed up at the homecoming core nation, and she was wearing this red dress and this flower in her hair, and she looked amazing. as you look at the pictures, remember, this is a girl who when she found out her selection was a prank, she says she, quote, felt like trash and that she was suicidal. but because of her family and her friends and her town, she decided to embrace what happened and turn the tables. listen to what she said after the halftime ceremony. play it. >> kids are bullying, you do not let them bring you down. go with your heart and go with your gut. that's what i did, and look at we now. i'm just as happy as can be. [laughter] >> reporter: she's happy as can be. look at her now, that's really cool. remember, the dress, by the way, was donated, the shoes, her new
1:56 pm
hairdo was donated, even her meal with the football player, donated, and her classmates were cheering her on. listen. >> i hope that they learn from this experience and learn that it's not okay to treat people like that. >> will i feel like through situations like these, they can sigh that there is support out -- see that there is support out there, and they just have to say something about it. >> reporter: the facebook page that was created to support whitney has 96,000 likes. not really sure how the game came out, megyn, but in this case it was whitney 1, bullies none. good night for the 16-year-old. megyn: takes a lot of guts for her to have done it, and good for those folks in the community too. trace, thanks. >> reporter: sure. megyn: a top house republican putting a hold on $450 million of our money that is meant for the people of egypt, this after our embassy came you should attack on cairo -- under attack on cairo. we'll have ambassador bolton what, if anything, egypt can do to repair its standing in the
1:57 pm
u.s. and this weekend marked the annual tunnels to towers run raising money for our wounded warriors. coming up, some of the most touching moments of the race and why this year was their most successful yet. >> why is it important to come out for this? >> it's always good to create awareness, and it's a tremendous cause and just to kind of always keep --
1:58 pm
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shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. [♪...] megyn: a fox news alert on new details about the runup to the first prime time presidential debate a little more than 48 hours with new polls showing one in five likely voters are still ready to change their minds. the stakes could not be higher. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. we have live pictures from denver and from vegas. screen left, governor romney is about to arrive in colorado. screen right president obama is in vegas at this hour and we'll have full-team fox news
2:01 pm
coverage. we begin with our senior correspondent john roberts in denver. >> reporter: governor romney is going to be here very soon. he leaves boston in about an hour after a morning debate prep. it will be here at wings of the rockies air and space museum, hence the b52 over my right shoulder to hold a rally in which he will come pair and contrast his policies with those of obama. he will say americans have a choice in this campaign and romney would be better choice than obama. his campaign is looking for a solid performance. they say it would be impossible against a skilled debater like barack obama to hit knockout punches. but according to chris christie of new jersey he says this could be a game changer. >> wednesday night is the restart of this campaign. i think you will see those numbers move right back in the other direction.
2:02 pm
showers day morning the entire narrative of this race will change. >> reporter: obviously chris christie did not get the memo from the romney campaign that you are supposed to build up he can takes for your opponent. >> i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. president obama is a very gifted speaker. the man has been on the national stage or many years. he has done these kinds of debates before. this is mitt's first time on this kind of a stage. >> reporter: president obama has done this 8 times. governor romney continues to hit president obama on foreign policy. a new op-ed in the wal "wall stt journal" will be about domestic policy. but governor romney is planning a new speech. the following two presidential debates will include that. megyn: meantime president barack
2:03 pm
obama is in henderson, nevada. some say the city of henderson is a microcosm of the economy we have seen over the past few years. yet the latest polls show the race in nevada is neck and neck and that is causing -- ed henry live in vegas. hey, ed. >> the president -- they are calling it debate camp in henderson. 20 miles from where i am right now it's an opulent resort known as lake las vegas that is symbol i of the boom and bust. that whole lake las vegas resort where the president is doing his debate prep. it's modeled after an italian village. it went bankrupt the last few years. it's now sort of coming back and the president is hoping that is a microcosm that he's pushing
2:04 pm
this recovery along slowly, not just mere in nevada but all along the country. it's interesting to hear john roberts about chris christie raising expectations for mitt romney. the president at a rally in vegas last night tried to do just the opposite and lower expectations. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who is going to have the best zinger. [you are [. >> i don't know about that. who's going to put the most points on the board [crowd shouts "you are"] no, governor romney is a qaddafi debater. i'm just okay. but i'm concerns about having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard-working
2:05 pm
americans. >> reporter: it appears that message is breaking through. if you look at the real clear average of polls in nevada. the president leading 49% to 45% over mitt romney. since nevada was so hard hit with these economic woes this is the kind of state where mitt romney has to break through. megyn: we'll bring you this presidential debate live. it will be hosted by yours truly along with bret baier. we hope you will join us for that and the post-game analysis right here on fnc. a growing debate over the money we send to egypt after one congresswoman puts $450 million of u.s. aid to that country on hold. september 12 we watched mobs in cairo tear down the american flag and replace it with a black islamic flag of their own. as we learn $450 million is just a portion of what we send their way questions are coming up
2:06 pm
about what we want to do before we send any more taxpayer dollars overseas. joining me now, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor, john bolton. this congresswoman has blocked the $450 million. she says given the relationship we have with them i don't know if we are justified in forking this over immediately. >> i think having congress show how outraged it is about it egyptian government's behavior is a good thing. i think block new aid to the morsi government beyond what we committed in the committed in the original budget is a good thing. i don't think we have anything to prove with the morsi government. if song is blocking the effort.
2:07 pm
megyn: it sounds like this is part of the billion dollars we already agreed to send them. them. we wanted to send them a cash infusion of $450 million because hillary clinton says they need it. >> i wouldn't change what we already had. i think this congressional action provides a good backdrop for what the administration ought to be doing, which is having private conversations with protecting our people and protecting all merits caption and upholding the camp david peace accord and a variety of issues. megyn: mrs. clinton believes the world needs to do more to support these countries emerging from the arab spring. i can tell you a lot of our viewers are watching this saying not one more red cent. i don't believe in sending this $450 million. and i don't believe in send the other half of the billion. i saw the black islamist flag go
2:08 pm
up and the american flag get burned. why are we sending money to them. >> that's why in terms of sending new money -- the billion of new money they want t send i would not send. i don't think it's incumbent on us to prove our bona fide. i would not cut off the money we have been sending. unless we see actions by this government that undercut their only gaightss under camp david or show show they are not protecting americans. the onus for the cutoff should be on the egyptian government. megyn: mr. morsi who promised he wouldn't run for the presidency and then did. >> i'm not advocating this course because i'm glad to do it. but in private we need to indicate we expect them to do more than they did on 9/11
2:09 pm
trutherism and a whole range of issues. megyn: seesaw this we would get video questions from viewers saying why are we sending all this money to people who hate us. i'll tell you, our whole crew here at "america live" did the towers run which commemorates 9/11 and the sacrifice made by the men and women. look at this guy. he did the whole 5k race on those crutches. one of the guys who is there who supports this organization. why do we send all that aid overseas where for $25 million we could build every single one of the amputees a home in this country. why do we have the reverse priority? >> i think there are a lot of questions about the aid we give not just in the bilateral
2:10 pm
foreign aid program, but to the united nations, the world bank that could be stand to be cut back. but let's be clear. in the case of egypt, this is a commitment that stems from camp david. you can argue after all this time we ought to cut it off and that's a debate worth having. morsi violated camp david or they undercut our position with the egyptian military. he's getting close. i'm not advocating holding on to the aid because i think it's a wonderful idea. but i think if the united states doesn't uphold its commitments, we can't expect israel to do the same. megyn: it was an incredible race yesterday. i want to tell you more about it with some very moving video upcoming. the question about the president's agenda spark sad big debate this weekend as his senior campaign adviser david axlerod was pressed to explain
2:11 pm
how the next four years would be different or better than the last four. the answer and the debate next. one of our favorite campaign insiders is getting national attention for a speech where he declared the media have become an enemy of the american people. pat caddell is where here with why he's raising this issue. >> it's a threat to the future of this country if we allow this to go on. we crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks and it needs to be talked about. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
2:12 pm
so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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megyn: a challenger gets grilled
2:15 pm
why president obama's next four years would be different than the first term. >> what is different between a second term obama than a first term. >> you are right. we have come a long way since we were losing jobs in 2008. we are net positive in terms of jobs created. but the hole was huge and we had to not only fill that hole but create an economy in which the middle class had a chance. we won't get there by going back to the same policies we had before. >> how are we going to get there? >> by responsibly dealing with these deficits and leaving money to invest. education, research and development. >> those aren't specific proposals. i'm asking -- >> 100,000 new math and science teachers. we need that. >> that's a goal, right? >> educating training 2 million new workers in our community
2:16 pm
colleges in conjunction with business to fill jobs that are open right now. boosting american manufacturing by ending the tax break that sends jobs overseas and giving tax incentives to companies that start manufacturing businesses here. these are specific tangible proposals and i believe they will pass because i believe the american people are supportive of that. >> but they haven't passed. >> the verdict will be rendered november 6. megyn: joining me now mark hannah, former aid to john kerry and barack obama. kevin, your chots on that exchange? >> that was a revealing look inside the best talking points that president obama has by his top spokesperson on the campaign frame beside himself. if you can't get more prekay tough than education, green energy, research and development, and that's the solutions? those are the pin points for
2:17 pm
solutions you are offering for an election that's going to be decided on an economy and jobs and the economic growth and development of this nation? megyn, that's pathetic. and i think everyone that watched david axlerod squirm, and candy is not exactly a hostile host, saw the real lack of preparedness. this campaign is demonstrating they believe they can skate through with this election. megyn: you saw her pressing him. everything he named was something they tried to pass and couldn't. she wanted him to get specific. how will the agenda get through. how will it change next time around. did you hear an answer to that? >> the reason candy crowley is hosting and has been selected by the debate commission to be the first woman to moderate a presidential debate, although may gain want to be the first to say i thought you perhaps could have been the first woman to
2:18 pm
host a debate. >> that's something we both agree on. >> kevin, you can have your time. listen, kevin and i worked in this format. we know it's difficult to rat the off every single solution the president is going to put forward. we have to talk in sort of generalities here. but anybody who watched the president's convention speech and heard him lay out a specific plan for what he hopes to accomplish in the next term knows he's going to penalize companies and disincentivize companies for taking jobs overseas. mitt romney has been described by even some republicans as a pioneer in the business of outsource. he will double pell grants so we can invest in american kids so education increase. megyn: but the question is whether the things he wants to do -- you are mentioning things
2:19 pm
and the question is whether they can pass, right? it's great to have your laundry list as each candidate does. but what can get passed so things will turn around. >> things that are going to get passed are things that will appeal to a wide range of people that will come together despite their individual differences to have the kind of commonality of helping the country as a whole. nothing he mentioned in that laundry list of what david axlerod mentioned was anything you can get bipartisan support for. green energy has been a scandal. it hasn't been a success. >> you are telling me that how we are going to create more jobs? you have got to get in bed with small business and help business owners. giving tax incentives simply to hire, you have got to give them reasons to produce their operations. that helps the average family get back on top.
2:20 pm
megyn: we were told a while back the president believes he will be able to work with this congress better in the next term if he gets one. even if it's a republican-controlled house. because he thinks people will have a different attitude when they come back after these elections. but listen to what president obama was saying shortly after he was elected when we found ourselves in the midst of one of the most contentious issues we have had and that is the debate on healthcare. lights on him speaking to john mccain. >> remove the special deals for the special interests and favored few and treat all americans the same under provisions of the law so that they will know that the gee ago a if i does not dictate what kind of healthcare they would receive. i thank you, mr. president. >> let me just make this point, john. because we are not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i am remind of that every day. >> yeah. so the -- we can spend the
2:21 pm
remainder of the time with our respective talking points going back and forth. we were suppose to be talking about insurance. megyn: a lot of folks have pointed to that moment as a different type of person than was promised when he was running. when he got elected, it's the election is over. we have another clip where he said i won. so the question about whether the american people should believe it many going to be different in the second term. >> you have a republican congress where the majority leader said their number one priority was to deny this president a second term in office. we have an obstructionist congress. there is a reason congress' approval rating is as low as it has ever been and there is a reason obama is breaking away in his lead over mitt romney. he worked with oil and gas companies to increase the 14-year high in oil production.
2:22 pm
he proposed bipartisan solutions on a number of things. there are certain things congress won't pass in an election year. megyn: thank you both so. up next we have big news from washington and massive layoffs across the defense industry and the layoff notices that were about to go out.
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
megyn: defense contractor lockheed martin confirming it will back off plans to issue layoff work notices to workers days before the election in november. the company said it would be forced by law to issue the notices due to the automatic cuts to the defense spending. but then came the arguments from washington to hold off on those layoff notices.
2:26 pm
melissa francis joins knee now. she is the host of "money." so the feds contact lockheed martin and say don't issue those in the. >> these are your tax dollars at work. the labor department says we know you are supposed to send out those pinkship -- those pins you may get laid off. we want you not to do that. a lot of companies went along with that. lockheed pushed back and said no, this will end up costing us money. and they are saying we don't give them the notice there is a cost to that. there is a fine. we are liable. so they went back. so the office of imagine the and budget put out this letter saying we are going to cover your cost. if you follow what the labor department says and you don't send out these slips, we are going to cover the cost if you
2:27 pm
have some liability related to that. megyn: , we, meaning the american taxpayer. >> it's 123,000 workers they say by their own records, that they would be sending these slips out to. and say, sequestration goes into effect you are in danger of losing your job. megyn: sequestration is automatic cuts to our defense spending that the congress and the president has already agreed on. the cuts will be made unless they change the law which they failed to do. even though they had a committee designated to change it they didn't. they want to us believe after the election they will have the political courage they didn't have before. but where is the guarantee of that? >> it's nowhere. instead of dealing with the real problem they are out scurrying around trying to worrying about thed a-on problem like the pink slip problem. the poor people at lockheed
2:28 pm
martin are saying tell me what's going to happen. will i have a job or not. at the end of the dayn if the department of imagine the and budget is covering this koits's a forced campaign contribution. i don't know how else to characterize it. megyn: the omb is trying to say it's never going to happen because the politicians in washington will come to their senses and pass the law that eliminates these defense cuts so you won't get fired. but most people believe that's the case, where is the guarantee of that. >> when they are 60 days out and there is no resolution in sight they are obligate to send out those slips and say this writes we are heading. it's questionable. megyn: they don't want 120,000 people being told they are going to get laid off. >> i don't see how you could not
2:29 pm
characterize it like that. already people in washington are getting upset. this just happened. this started friday. it carried over to today. this is the beginning of hearing more about this because it feels very political. megyn: the show is called "money." it's her area of expertise as you can clearly see. it's been 11 years since the tragic attacks of september 11. but one of the largest wounded warrior fundraisers in the country just had its biggest year ever. we'll look at how they pulled that off. the upcoming elections has one long-time campaign insider warning the media has become the quote even mist people in this election. we'll debate that claim and talk to the man who made it after this break. >> i think we are that the most dangerous name our political history in terms of the balance of power and the role the media
2:30 pm
plays in whether we maintain a grow democracy or not. ♪ ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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2:34 pm
trust and confidence people put in the mass media. 60 per said not very much or no at all. 40% say they have a great deal of trust or a fair amount. while the numbers are not good. pat caddell says the reasons why are obvious. >> the press' job is to protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. when they dessert those ramparts and they go to serve the side they will become active participants. when they decide their joins not simply to tell you who you may vote for and who you may not, but worse, and this is the dane jefort last two weeks. what truths you may knows a an american and what truth you are not allowed to know. they have then made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy and in my opinion made themselves the enemy of the american people.
2:35 pm
megyn: wow! pat caddell is a former poll fom informationer pollster for president jimmy carter. so fired up. what's that about? >> we are entering territory we have never entered before. we have had over the years the press being more and more biased. the gallup polls the highist has registered in people knowing they are not being told whole story. but we never had a situation where the press has purposely decided to pick up a narrative from the white house to support their overwhelming candidate for president barack obama. this isn't about partisanship. this is about danger. the won't first amendment exists without any checks and balances on the media is because they are
2:36 pm
supposed to protect the people. not that we are supposed to become a version of pravda. when the "new york times" takes two weeks to run anything on this subject. when we have 20 embassies on the assault after libya and no one runs it on the air in the major networks, we have a problem. megyn: david carr of the new york times wrote a piece, you have got the "wall street journal," you have got fox news, you have got online sources so the cries of media bias are not valid. if the media is so liberal why do you have all these organizations. >> dominant force is a liberal media driving a narrative that president obama is reelected, no big deal with what happened in the middle east until it became clear it was a terrorist attack orchestrated offensely by al qaeda. i think pat is right.
2:37 pm
there is a narrative being used to drive the campaign that is effectively complicit with the obama campaign. i dare say most of the outlets you mentioned and david carr mentioned are more fair and balanced than the mainstream media. we have a huge echo chamber. it is dominant and it is reinforcing. what was the big story after libya? how governor romney screwed up. what a terrible film. it's makeup. it is the tish you've lies being told -- it's the tissue of lies here. the leaker and chief on the leaks who was not investigated. >> he's a former political operative. >> not a national security person. he and david plouffe says we
2:38 pm
have to protect the narrative we have. megyn: a man in this role is not suppose to be politicizing. that your supposition's leaking. >> i will tell you sandy berger, the national security adviser did come to our political meetings but with the express purpose of making sure the political staff, the political team did not offer national security advice. and berger and the president were clear we are there to provide political advice, not national security advice. megyn: when politics are influence can the announcements made to american people -- >> the press' job is to go after everybody. in 1979 when i swiewmped your show earlier, watching the arguments in defense of this. about the president, i said any other president, democrat or republican would be crucified while the council was still smoking to go to las vegas for a
2:39 pm
fundraiser. jimmy carter when the hostages were seized. we were behind ted kennedy, the senior campaign people went in and argued with him that he had to continue to campaign. you know what he said? absolutely not. my job is i need to be here. i must be here because of what's going on. and that's where president obama should have been. he should have been doing his job. why doesn't the press say anything? valerie jarrett has full secret service protection but we are not protect our ambassador. if this was reported it would ruin the narrative they have. they are supposed to protect the american people. megyn: has it crossed over to a place where the mainstream media is actively protecting the president? >> i believe the narrative on libya combined with the poll story that obama has an insurmountable lead which i
2:40 pm
don't believe is true. i believe the polls that suggest the race is over when we don't really believe it's anything more than a small but discreet obama lead. we have gotten to the point where the mainstream media apeers to be facilitating a narrative that is not questioning the instruments of power in government but rather facilitating a narrative of the political operation of the white house. i don't think that's healthy for the country. i don't think it's healthy for the democracy. >> when you seesaw saw today. they are using the new negative advertising by the press. you just had melissa francis talking about the corruption in the labor department to keep people from knowing they are going to be laid off in see:questions traition goes through. we herd the defense department dragged its feet on absentee ballots from military personnel. that's corruption of the first order but we are not covering it because we do nothing that will
2:41 pm
harm the obama administration. megyn: guys, thank you for being here. imagine this. all these years after 9/11, and one of the biggest wounded warrior fundraisers in the country has its biggest year every. the tunnel to towers run with 30,000 participants. how did it happen? we'll show you one of the most moving stories of the day. plus prosecutors are saying the proof is on the tape. an alleged recording of this man trying to hire a hitman to kill a rival teacher. wait until you hear why he didn't like that teacher. and is there more than meets the eye to this so-called smoking gun tape? how much does it cost to cut an energy bill down to size?
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. abcs of murder. a teacher stands accused of an extracurricular activity, a murder for hire plot. his alleged target? a rival teacher. prosecutors say they have the recorded call to prove it all. listen. megyn: mark, you used to prosecute cases and this seems like a rather good piece of evidence for the prosecution in an alleged murder for hire plot. >> you think? megyn: i wasn't a criminal lawyer. but my instincts tend to be
2:46 pm
dead-on. >> i have been doing this for 20 years. i can tell you it's ambiguous. "i want him killed." subject to many interpretation. probation at worst. seriously he needs to get used to being incarcerated. the on thing that comes to mind when i hear this tape is "plea bargain." this guy has been on this earth for 55 years. that's 20,000 days he lived. 28 million minutes on this earth and you cannot judge him by the 11 minutes reflected on that audiotape. megyn: it moms laughing matter. >> i have to tell you that unbiased, murder for hire was my specialty when i was a prosecutor. so i know this stuff. i would love that tape. are you kidding? megyn: can i say, lirks s, how
2:47 pm
obvious was the friend who was an undercover agent. wants it obvious? soy would like -- how would you like to kill bob meredith. >> i did that with undercover. we we got guy and tony pepperoni. we miekd them up and got them on tape. that's how we did it. megyn: how did the defendant who managed to get out of your air-tight cases do it? >> let me explain to you, the affect was so unsophisticated will play to the defense's benefit. not to negate his guilt. there is nothing we can do. they need david copperfield. he's too expensive to afford him. you argue in mitigation this was an unsophisticated type of plan. >> they always are. this is what you do. you argue that he lived an exemplary life. this was an isolated incident
2:48 pm
and he showed extreme remorse. megyn: lirks s, he argued the reason he wanted bob meredith dead is that meredith was allegedly spreading rumors this guy was a child molester. when you add that in, it's not that it makes anybody want to kill anybody, about it takes it to a level in terms of outrage when a man who is not a child molester being called that. >> weep already convicted him on air. that's something we take in at sentencing. megyn: i'm not conceding. you never know. entrapment in that's what they usually argue? >> entrapment? >> no. that not going to work. it's something like this -- assuming the tape wasn't manufactured by law enforcement. you can get an expert to say whether it was or wasn't. then you just look for the best
2:49 pm
plea bargain you can get. spare everybody the expense of a trial. megyn: maybe i go for jury nullification saying the other teacher was accuse him of being a child molester. my client separate and apart from this tape web's a likeable guy and you will love him. listen to the full tape which will make you have a softer heart with respect to my client. listen here ... >> i remember you and i talked about it and you wanted to pay me to kill him and i was unconnecticut comfortable because i have got kids. i got a white supremacist, that didn't work. megyn: wait, that doesn't help me at all. >> megyn, your defense is going down. megyn: what do they have? they will cut a plea. how long dose go to prison for? megyn: 20 to life.
2:50 pm
>> i wouldn't accept that. megyn: bob meredith is living in fear. >> physical ailments now. a hit was taken out on him. he's scared. >> i think what is fair is several years up to five followed by a lifetime of probation. yes, yes. megyn: i think he will get more than those 12 million seconds in prison. coming up. how did a charity event that attracted 1,500 people the year after 9/11 grow to 25,000 participants yesterday morning? we'll take you on the unbelievable and miraculous tunnel to towers run. don't go away. next. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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megyn: it's been 11 years since the tragic attacks of september 11. a fundraiser that retraces the steps an fdny hero to fell that day just had it biggest year ever. how did they do that 11 years after? trace gallagher explains. >> reporter: it's the biggest 9/11 event and it just keeps growing. 30,000 runners yesterday. i know you were there. but look at the pictures here. they also have 75 related runs around the country. you can see the oned warriors led this run. it's called the steven stiller tunnel to towers run. he grabbed his 60 pounds of gear and ran from the brooklyn battery tunnel to the towers.
2:55 pm
in this race they remembered 342 other firefighters who died that stay. listen. >> they volunteered and risked their lives at a time of war. to protect our country. and god bless nose brave men and women who gave their lives on that day. >> reporter: you mentioned fundraising. it has become huge. $15 million raised going to various different charities. but can you imagine 30,000. i know you were there. "america live" did its part. what a tremendous turnout this year. megyn: it was incredible. they weren't sure they would get that kind of turnout 11 years after. they had a record-breaking year this year. our "america live" team, not just me, my whole team went out for this run. and what an amazing day of strength and inspiration it was.
2:56 pm
i didn't know what to expect. i don't really run. this is the first time i had done a run. meeting a will the more of these guys. we met a lot more of these guys and seeing their grit and their determination. i want to bring you some of it. i was there of course and todayy sinise. his band the lieutenant dan band, they hold regular concerts to raise money for these guys. they were there and performed as well along with america's troops, many of whom ran in this race. as you went from the brooklyn battery tunnel and as you emerged getting ready to head towards site of the world trade center, now the freedom tower. you saw 343 firefighters standing with banners hanging over them. when we saw them they were lined up man to man standing there holding those banners to pay tribute to the fallen. i pulled out my iphone to give you a first person look at the
2:57 pm
event. take a look at adam keys from pennsylvania. he had 100 surgeries. he's a triple amputee. he did entire race on those crutches. here he is. we'll be right back.
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